Industry Transformation

Industry Transformation efforts focus on promoting change across the entire global tobacco industry and nicotine ecosystem.

Cultivating and Promoting Industry Transformation

the index ranks the world's largest 15 tobacco companies

The 2020 Tobacco Transformation Index™ is the first index to rank the world’s largest 15 tobacco companies on their relative performance, commitment, and transparency to deliver material progress in supporting tobacco harm reduction. The goal of the Index is to stimulate the external pressure and industry competition needed to take combustion out of the tobacco market. This biennial assessment of tobacco companies evaluates several activities, including strategy and management, product sales, capital allocation, product offers, marketing, and lobbying and advocacy.

Analysis of the six companies that made public commitments to harm reduction showed that they were allocating between 30% and 90% of their capital and R&D resources to finance investments in reduced-risk product alternatives. However, between 30% and 55% of their marketing budgets were still devoted to high-risk products including cigarettes.

Goals of the Tobacco Transformation Index

Accelerate the necessary transformation of global tobacco industry and reduction of harm caused by tobacco use.


Phasing out high-risk tobacco products;


Developing and responsibly offering reduced-risk alternatives to support current users to move away from high-risk products;


Preventing access and marketing of such alternatives to all non-smokers and non-users of high-risk products, especially youth; and,


Ensuring consistency of tobacco harm reduction activities across all markets of operation, within regulatory guidelines.

Slow Decline in Cigarette Sales Prolongs the Epidemic

2017-2019 Cigarette Volume Sales Globally (Billion Sticks) and Extrapolation of Future Data Based on Linear Growth.

Cigarette sales must decline at a faster rate to end smoking in this generation.

2020 Index Results