Looking Ahead: Priorities for 2021

Scientists together in a research lab

Interventions to Correct Misinformation

To counter global misinformation about nicotine, the Foundation is launching the UnderstandingNicotine.org website to provide timely information on the latest nicotine research and products. The goal is for the site to become a valuable resource for the global health community and consumers who want to get facts about nicotine. It will leverage real-time data about consumer issues, scientific research, and innovative products to communicate the latest developments in the fields of nicotine science and smoking cessation.


The WHO FCTC provides guidelines for national governments to reduce tobacco use. WHO will convene its ninth Conference of the Parties (COP9) in November 2021 to discuss ways in which the FCTC can be improved. The Foundation and its partners will publish articles and reports to drive discussions about strengthening the Articles of FCTC for cessation and harm reduction. We will present the latest knowledge and data in this area while continuing to assess the research needed to address them.

Our subsidiary in Malawi, the Agricultural Transformation Initiative, will focus on the following:

Human Capacity Development

Twenty-seven Malawians will receive scholarships from the Institute of International Education (IIE) under the Agricultural Transformation Initiative Fellowship and Scholarship Fund (ATI FSF). The aim of the ATI FSF is to strengthen the capacity of researchers and professionals in Malawi in high-priority fields that will help the country transform its agricultural sector by reducing dependence on tobacco exports. The ATI FSF is providing 19 scholarships for master’s study and eight awards for postdoctoral research in agriculture, business, data science, economics, ecology/environment, and engineering. Supported through a grant from the Foundation for a Smoke-Free World, the ATI FSF is administered by IIE. ATI will continue building partnerships with various academic institutions, the private sector, and other development partners to increase the number of supported students.

Enhancing Technology Adoption and Building Resilience by Smallholder Farmers

The Centre for Agricultural Transformation (CAT) will host a series of farmer field days to promote new technologies presented by private-sector companies in a quest to promote smallholder diversification from tobacco. ATI will also focus on building farmer resilience through promotion of bamboo, among other interventions to be implemented with its partners.

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